Celebrating the Fourth At Mubarak Mosque in Chantilly, home of the local Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Source: connectionnewspapers.com

Centreville — There were hot dogs, hamburgers, watermelons, children’s games, politicians and speeches — a typical, American celebration of the Fourth of July. But this one last Thursday was at the Mubarak Mosque in Chantilly, home of the local Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

#It was also special because it was the first Fourth of July celebration held there since the mosque opened last summer. Fouzan Pal, general secretary of the Northern Virginia Chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, said it was part of the nationwide Muslims for Loyalty campaign.

#“It represents our commitment to the country we live in and all the security and freedoms that we enjoy here,” he said. “I came to the U.S. in 1987 on religious asylum, and it was a great blessing to be able to practice our faith here. We couldn’t do that in Pakistan — we were persecuted there.”

#Just off Walney Road, the two-story, 7,200-square-foot place of worship is called the Mubarak Mosque which, in Islamic, means “blessed tidings.” And the Ahmadiyya Muslims are a sect of Islam whose central tenet is “Love for all, hatred for none.” It condemns violence, terrorism and Jihad and, …continue reading at connectionnewspapers.com

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