There must be 50 ways to hate an Arab

Unfortunately, there is a broad spectrum of hostility toward Arabs throughout Israeli society. It is not limited to the ‘price-tag’ gangs.

The “price-tag” vandalism against the residents of Abu Ghosh last week was abhorrent. It was criminal behavior by primitive minds, an expression of blind hatred of our Arab fellow citizens. There is no excuse for it and no forgiveness. You wonder who leads these gangs and from whom they draw their inspiration.

There is a lot of hostility toward Arabs in Israeli society. Some of it is understandable considering the many years of conflict between Jews and Arabs, but none of it is excusable when directed indiscriminately at Israel’s Arab citizens. But make no mistake, those young vandals attacking Arab property are not the only signs of that hostility in Israeli society, a hostility that may be the breeding ground for these criminal acts.

When Avigdor Lieberman, the leader of a mid-sized political party and until recently Israel’s foreign minister, promotes the idea that in a settlement with the Palestinians areas heavily populated by Israeli Arabs should be transferred to the Palestinians, with those Arabs stripped of their citizenship, he’s saying “the fewer Arabs in Israel the better.” What is that if not an expression of blind hostility toward Israel’s Arab citizens? How many people in Israel tend to agree with this pathological view?



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