The Book That Killed Terrorism

Huff Post: Qasim Rashid: The Wrong Kind of Muslim: An Untold Story of Persecution & Perseverance (Print andKindle e-Book) launches on June 19th and begins with this Rage Against The Machine lyric: “Now renegades are the people, with their own philosophy, they change the course of history, everyday people like you and me.” This is because some 20 million members of faith minorities in Pakistan are dying to introduce themselves to every day people like you and me — pun intended.

Since 9/11, terrorists in Pakistan have killed over 40,000 people — and counting. The Wrong Kind of Muslim is the true story of the journey into the heart of that terrorism to unearth the untold story of those faith minorities silenced by Taliban suicide bombings, secret police torture, and state sponsored religious persecution. It is the horrifying truth about growing radicalism in Pakistan and its impact on Western security. But most importantly, it is the inspiring, untold, and finally uncensored story of the millions fighting back — and winning.

This book comes after too many have paid an irreplaceable price. Over 125 Ahmadi Muslims have been martyred in cold blood in just the past three years alone. The government and vigilantes have championed every form of discrimination against Ahmadi Muslims, even exhuming deceased Ahmadi Muslims — only because of their faith. And most horrifically, the persecution of Ahmadi Muslims is just the beginning


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