Tony Blair Is Wrong About Islam

Source: Huffington Post

By : Editor-in-Chief, Aslan Media; Author

There is something crudely colonial about the words of former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who responded to the killing of military drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich by writing in Sunday’s Daily Mail that there is a “problem within Islam” and it’s high time that governments around the world “put it on the table and be honest about it.”
It must be gratifying for Mr. Blair, part of Old Blighty’s privileged white elite, to bemoan the miserable state of “those” people. He noted that the “Islamic” brand of extremism is “not the province of a few” and that it’s different from other forms of extremism in that it is fundamentally incompatible with pluralistic, open-minded societies.

But, pray tell, what types of extremisms are not incompatible with those things?
Arrogantly, Blair refuses to consider the possibility that the disastrous foreign policies of the West — a great many of which he and his partner across the Atlantic, George W. Bush, engineered — might possibly have aggravated tensions in the Middle East and throughout the world leading to occasional acts of violence. That’s despite the fact that the Woolwich butcher, the Boston bomber and even Osama bin Laden all insisted that their aggression, though articulated in religious language, was payback for political blunders over the years.


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