The West’s Fatal Attraction: Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism

LUBP: Last week an American woman (Nicole Lynn Mansfield) has been killed in Syria while fighting alongside rebel forces against the Assad regime alongside two other Westerners—the U.K. press has identified one as a British man born in 1990. The other remains unknown. This news has made me think how Wahhabi ideology is penetrating the West. Here is a ‘naïve’ woman who is converted to Islam by a religious hardliner Saudi man (Ayman Mohammad Bafil), who marries her and then divorces her. Still, instead of staying in Michigan to continue to be a mom to her teen, decides instead to go to a war zone and engage in the war with Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, Al-Nusra, and got her radical-self killed. Does she get 72 male virgins or are virgins of the opposite sex only for male jihadists?

In fact it has now been credibly reported that at least 700 Europeans are fighting the Assad regime in Syria mainly as militant Islamists. The German government has officially warned that the militants could return as “home-grown terrorists”, calling for a controversial new policy that would temporarily bar them from re-entering Europe.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey once rightly told Congress: “Wahhabi extremism today is the soil in which al-Qaeda and its sister terrorist organizations are growing.” Wahhabism is the brand of Islam that is practised in Saudi Arabia and propagated by it around the world. While the West is fighting terrorists and their financial supporters, it seems oblivious to the imperative of fighting their religious ideology. Let there be no doubt. Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Ansardine, Hamas, and other terrorist groups’ ideology is essentially Wahhabism, and most of their members are ideologically Wahhabis. The growing rift within Sunni Islam that has spread across Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Africa and has fueled the Taliban and other Jihadists with foot soldiers from some radical centers of learning has clear connections to Wahhabi doctrines.


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