Every second Westerner holds that Islam (Which Islam?) is a threat- Study

Die Welt: From  and  (translated by Google- Original in German) Islam is threatening and does not fit here. Say, according to the Bertelsmann study, 50 percent of Germans. However, the concept of democracy was more pronounced among Muslims than for East Germans.

Every second German holds that Islam is a threat. 50 percent, of the Germans are also convinced that of the Islam does not fits after Germany. This view is also 18 per cent of Muslims in Germany and 25 percent of respondents in Turkey. This is the result of the new “Religion Monitor”, the Bertelsmann Foundation, whose present numbers of the “Welt am Sonntag” exclusive.

He shows: half of the population not shares the view of Ex-Federal President Christian Wulff, that Islam am one after Germany. Also internationally, Islam is perceived as a threat: 76 percent of Israelis, 60 percent of Spaniards, 50 percent of the Swiss, 42 percent of Americans rate him as dangerous. But also the Judaism see 19 percent the East-and West Germans as a threat.

The doubts as to the compatibility of Islam and the western world are more pronounced than in the west (57 to 49 percent), although there is less Muslims live in eastern Germany. Elderly and people with lower educational attainment are more inclined to perceive Islam as a danger.

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The Islam that enrichment or threat?  This question asked the Bertelsmann Foundation, 14,000 people in 13 countries<br />

Islam, enrichment or Threat? Also this question presented the Bertelsmann-Foundation 14,000 people in 13 countriesshare 

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June 2012: Police officers carry items from the "Millatu Ibrahim Mosque" in Solingen<br />

Three banned Salafist clubs

Many Muslims say that only my religion is right


Significant differences are also apparent in relation to religion: 39 percent of Muslims in Germany are of the view that in religious matters have only their religious right and the other wrong. For Christians it is only twelve percent.Overall, 15 percent of respondents agree with this statement.

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