Day: May 3, 2013

Wall Street Journal: The Pakistanis Who Won’t Vote

WSJ blogs: Rights groups welcome Pervez Musharraf-era reforms to Pakistan’s electoral system, which helped put religious minorities on an equal footing with Muslims. But Ahmadis say they were left out, and some other religious minorities say they still don’t have adequate representation in Parliament. “We want to be part of […]

Two Pakistani diplomats and Ahmadi pilot Injured in Plane Crash with report from Pakistan Post Canada, 2nd May 2013 2 Pakistani diplomats and Ahmadi pilot Injured in Plane Crash at Windwood Fly-In Resort in Canaan Valley CANAAN VALLEY – West Virginia, USA Update 4/29/13 One of the three men involved in a plane crash in Tucker County remains in […]

Saudi-sponsored ISI using Takfiri Deobandi militants to hijack Pakistan elections: PPP, ANP and MQM’s press conference

Source:LUBP KARACHI (30 April 2013): The political parties, which are being targeted by the Pakistani Taliban for having ‘secular views,’ late on Tuesday (30 April) said the coming May 11 polls are being hijacked by “local and international establishment,” DawnNews reported. It is believed that Pakistan army’s intelligence agencies (local […]

64 percent of Muslims in Egypt and Pakistan support the death penalty for leaving Islam

Washington Post: by Max Fisher. The Pew Research Center’s vast new study on the views and attitudes of global Muslim populations was bound to create controversy. Like the U.S. public knowledge polls that find that one-third of Americans can’t name the vice president, Pew’s report includes some less-than-flattering pieces of data. And while […]