Are Pakistan and Islam really insparable? via Wasim Sr.

At a time when the world was hoping to see a shift in Pakistan’s policies towards Islamism, its military chief Kayani made sure that nobody should be under any illusions. Pakistan and Islam cannot be separated, he said.

The Taliban have proven time and again that they can attack anybody anywhere in Pakistan, with impunity.

They have not only targeted civilians but, over the years, have also killed thousands of Pakistani soldiers. The Pakistani military is still battling with the Islamist militants in northwestern areas close to the Afghan border. The protracted Islamist insurgency has shaken the Islamic republic, whose economy is already in a shambles.

As the country gears up for the next parliamentary elections on May 11, the Taliban have increased their attacks on the members of liberal parties.

Experts are apprehensive whether the elections will take place on time. They might be postponed for an indefinite time – something the Islamists are believed to want.


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  1. Kayani sahib is hoping that Pakistan will walk on the path of islam. Is islam present in Pakistan now? I mean the present condition of the people life, moral condition and general activity is according to Islam? If not (and it is not) then Pakistan has nothing to do with Islam.

    The country was created for the people to practice Islam in their lives. But they are not doing it. People may be praying in large numbers but there is no benefit of prayers. Mosques are void of guidance (Hadith).

    Prayer makes a man perfect. But it is not so in Pakistan. one should note the number of killings and thefts and dacoity and immoral conduct prevalent in the country to see that Pakistan has no link to Islam.

    On top of all, the wrong interpretation (militant, aggressive) version of Islam is another problem. Will respectable Kayani sahib define his version of Islam please.

    Does he want to enforce some version of Islam. His statement is telling that people will be forced to walk on the path of Islam? That would be bad.

    It is good that country should make such laws that people can practice a true, peaceful version of Islam.

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