Day: May 24, 2013

US chides Indonesia over attacks on religious minorities; rights groups seek tougher response

Washington Post: WASHINGTON — The U.S. expressed concern Thursday over increased attacks on religious minorities in Indonesia, but human rights groups accused Washington of downplaying the problem as it looks to forge stronger relations with Jakarta. Muslim-majority Indonesia has emerged as Southeast Asia’s most robust democracy since the fall of […]

Ahmadis deplore Suryadharma’s stance

Jakarta Post: The Priangan Barat chapter of Jemaah Ahmadiyah Indonesia (JAI) in West Java say Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali  takes side and cheerleads intolerance. Ekky Mubariq  of the chapter questioned Suryadharma’s claim that 20 Ahmadi followers had quit JAI. On May 21, 2013, Suryadharma witnessed the 20 Ahmadis […]