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  1. maulvi is spreading misinformation. He is telling lies. If they are preaching for peace then why are the non-Ahmadi Muslims killing the Shias and Christians and Ahmadis??

    The truth is well known by the mad speeches of those Khatam e nabuwwat maulvis who are openly inciting poor muslims and making death calls for Ahmadis. The banners are displayed against the Ahmadis.
    That maulvi is trying to mislead the public with false claims. His speech is a bundle of lies.

  2. Zia ul Haque was not god almighty to issue a wrong order. He did it to please the maulvis. The malvis were pressing Zia for that foolish order. And the maulvis were happy with that wrong order.The sin of Zia ul Haque is also on head of those khatam e Nabuwwat maulvis.

    It is not necessary for the Ahmadis to obey (abide by) that silly unislamic ordinance. Why the maulvis are expecting that Ahmadis will obey that bad command of the sinful people!

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