Kingdom of Saudi Arabia urges efforts to reduce global poverty

Saudi Arabia is focusing on the need to make joint efforts to reduce global poverty.

“The Kingdom has always stressed the significance of cooperating in all efforts at international level for cheap and reliable availability of fuel to guarantee sustainable development that would cut poverty by half in the world by the year 2015, as envisaged in the Millennium Development Goals,” said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah at the inaugural function of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) in Dushanbe yesterday.
The 11th Ministerial Meeting of ACD kicked off in Tajkistan’s capital with the participation of 32 member countries on Friday.

Prince Abdul Aziz, however, warned that promotion of alternate fuels, such as bio-fuels, would create negative results such as shortage and price hike of food grains.

It also could cause reductions in farm lands that would in turn increase poverty in the world.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia affirms its support for the ACD, which is a suitable framework to promote cooperation on developing Asia, restoring peace and security in the world, and achieving aspirations of the peoples,” the prince said.

Touching on the topic of climate change, the prince said the Kingdom believed that advanced technology would provide a lot of solutions that would effectively counter issues such as climate change. He added that these efforts needed additional financial resources and cooperation.

“Any strategy should take into consideration the principle of the frame work agreement on the climate change especially the joint responsibility with the understanding that advanced countries should take the lead role because of their potentials and historic responsibility in the matter,” the prince said in his speech.

The prince, however, rejected any unilateral moves made by a country or bloc with regard to climate issue.

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