Pakistan: Minorities’ votes may decide fate of 96 constituencies

From the Dawn Newspaper |  | 16 hours ago

ISLAMABAD: Votes of religious minorities can play a key role in the coming elections in about 96 constituencies of national and provincial assemblies.

Analysts believe minorities can change the electoral scene in many of these constituencies if they choose to collectively vote for specific political parties or candidates.

According to official statistics available with Dawn, there are 2.77 million non-Muslim voters in the country, and 13 districts in Sindh and two in Punjab have significant presence of these voters.

Umerkot and Tharparkar districts in Sindh have as high as 49 per cent and 46pc non-Muslim voters, respectively. In Umerkot, there are a total of 386,924 voters of which 189,501 belong to religious minorities. In Tharparkar, out of a total of 473,189 voters, 219,342 are non-Muslim.

In Mirpurkhas, the total number of voters is 590,035 and among them 192,357 (33pc) are non-Muslim.

In Tando Allahyar, 74,954 non-Muslims constitute 26pc of the total… Read the rest @ DAWN.COM

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  1. Any reference to one’s religion, faith or sect is irrelevant in the national democratic political set-up of state or society. All citizens are equally regarded and treated without any discrimination on the basis of one’s color or creed and in political philosophy, the terms of majority and minority are used in counting votes numerically and not with reference to one’s faith or religion. We must use these two words of majority and minority, as are being used through out the world only with reference to vote counting and the party which gets more votes is called ‘majority’ and one getting less numbers of votes is called minority party. The Founding-father of Pakistan Mr. Jinnah had pin-pointed this fact very clearly that state and religion are two different things which must not be intermingled. Democratic system must be run on political basis and not under sectarian or religious considerations.

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