Malik Jarrar Hussain’s assassination: The double whammy of being a Shia and a human rights activist.

Source: The LUBP.

Ba Shazia Najmi.


Last week when the Human Rights Watch report pointed out Pakistan Army’s complicity in the assassination campaigns against the Shias, the Baloch political activists, and religious minorities such as the Ahmadis, the Christians, and the Hindus, it was apparent that the insane and bloodthirsty generals will as usual do something wicked and bloody. And they did not disappoint anyone: their supporters as well as their critics. First of all, an Army spokesman called the report a “pack of lies”. Nothing more. The Army which finances a legion of rightwing journalists to continue to mislead the Pakistani nation about its greatness and superiority in every field of life could not come up with even just one evidence-based sentence to rebut the report.


Categories: Asia, Pakistan

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