Jeddah: Police detain beggar with over SR 21,000 (5600 US$)

JEDDAH: Khaled Al-Subiani ARABNEWS

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Security patrols in Jeddah yesterday discovered more than SR 21,000 with a 50-year-old woman who was begging at a traffic light. The Somalian woman was reported to the police by a passerby who saw her counting large sum of money.
She was carrying SR 21,457 when the police officers arrested her.

The number of street beggars is increasing in Jeddah and many of them fake disability to gain people’s compassion. Some videos posted on YouTube by Saudi journalists showed a Yemeni beggar confessing that he faked a disability. An Arab News reporter asked on different occasions a number of children sent to beg in street as how much did they earn on a daily bases. The least of them ends his day with SR 300.


Beggars at work along a street in Jeddah.

: NO, I am not suggesting that you should take up this profession!
(second note: Why did she count the money in public?)

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