Who will be caretaker prime minister?

Source: Friday Times.

Asma Jehangir – a veteran activist against controversial laws, subjugation of women, suppression of minorities, highhandedness of state institutions, and dictators and dictatorial mindsets – is seen by some political players as unsuitable for the office of caretaker prime minister.

There had been speculation for quite some time that she was being considered for the slot. Last week, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz included her name in a list of seven probable candidates. The reaction from religious groups and rightwing political parties was negative. They believe she represents anti-Islam forces in Pakistan.

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Imran Khan, the chairman of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf, also expressed “severe reservations” against Asma Jehangir. “She has a history of opposing the PTI and has given statements against it. She is closely aligned with the Pakistan People’s Party. She has shown continuous disrespect for the judiciary. We therefore do not think that she fits the criteria,” he said during a press conference.

“I don’t know why they put my name on the list,” Asma Jehangir said in the aftermath of the controversy that she did not choose to become part of. “I was not consulted at all.”

Known as a liberal icon in Pakistan, she has stood against all forms of dictatorship and authoritarianism. She is also among the few lawyers who criticized Supreme Court judges for their so-called judicial activism.


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  1. They will find another Jackal to guard the melons of the nation. ( khurbozoN ki rakhwali peh geedar )
    Geedaron ki tau kami nahin is mulk main.

    Whereas there should be a total reform in the country. All the present political parties that are in the Government should be banned forever. They should not be allowed to flutter near the National assembly or country’s treasury.All their present assets and their legitimacy should be verified. If proven fraud should be put in the Government’s treasury with surplus fine. It should be done by an honest new leader (God knows who can that be) He should be brave enough to defy Mullah as well.
    All the present “looteras” should be put in jail to let them rot there forever..Khas kam Pakistan paak.Amen

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