Sectarian violence: Suicide bomber kills 24 worshippers in Hangu

Source: ET

Paramilitary soldiers and policemen gather at the site of the blast. PHOTO: AFP

PESHAWAR: For any eyewitness, it may well have been a scene from the Armageddon. Charred human remains lay scattered amid pools of blood along the streets of a crowded market in Hangu, a brutal reminder of Friday’s suicide bombing near a Shia Imam bargah. At least 27 people were killed and 55 more injured in the attack – which targeted worshippers as they poured in and out for Friday prayers.

The bomber detonated explosives packed into a motorcycle in a narrow lane in the Pat Bazaar area that houses both a Shia and a Sunni mosque.

The deputy inspector general of police in Kohat region, Syed Imtiaz Shah, said the police had found the head of the bomber, who came there on a motorcycle and was approximately 22 years old. He went on to add that the attack targeted Shias, but Sunnis also fell victim since their mosque was also very close to the site.


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  1. I must high light the reason for the ethnic cleansing. If a brain washed Muslim youngster is convinced, he or she can kill all other Muslims considering them as infidel on the pretext of enjoying paradise in next life, such ethnic cleansing will never stop. Ongoing efforts of such brain washed mind setting needs to be curbed. Belief based discrimination started in 1974 and reached its climax in 1984 by enacting anti Ahmadiyya laws. Current situation is logical outcome of such nondiscriminatory laws. If current state permitted to continue many other Muslim groups will also be targeted by these belief oriented extremists. Inactivity of Supreme court on this pretext is very obvious. However I shall go further and will blame popular electronic media also. See any program of most popular TV channels all are discussing only one thing who has to fetch the power in next elections. Even military brass never directly addressed such belief based atrocities. So under such prevailing circumstances noting will happen. Might be sooner or later nature can show its wrath to the whole nation to revenge the innocent blood.

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