German Ahmadiyya Muslim Community takes an other Lead

By Zubair Khan


A beautiful view of newly constructed Jamia Building.

Principal Jamia Mr Shamshad Qamar (center with Jinah Cap) briefing the visitors

Visitors briefed by Jamia Students


Mr Abdullah Wagishauser, national head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, in consultation with Mr Shamshad Qamar, principal Jamia (Theological Study Institute) Ahmadiyya, invited community members to visit the Jamia on 30.12.2012 and 31.12.2012.  Whole facility of Jamia was opened to visitors. Since on 31.12.2012 was the concluding session of Qadian Jalsa Salana as such excellent arrangements were made which facilitated watching the Jalsa proceedings both by male and female members separately. Live streaming of very inspiring address of Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Spiritual head of Ahamdiyya Community was relayed on screens with the help of beamers. At the end of the concluding session, all were entertained with food from LANGAR KHANA. This arrangement amused the participants as they considered themselves part of the Jalsa Salan Qadian.

While expressing the experience every visitor hailed the event as an excellent idea and praised all the arrangements made for the guests. Every visitor was deeply impressed by the graceful and prestigious newly constructed building of Jamia. Majority of visitors said the visit of Jamia has injected new blood in to their bodies and have raised their hopes that Inshallah very soon Islam Ahmadiyya will have substantial positive impact on German society. All the current students as well teaching and administrative staff worked very hard to make this event a great success. According to the reports, on both days, almost 1700 members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany graced the event with their presence.

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  1. i congratulate respected Nat Amir sahib , principal sahib & every staff member of this blessed institution 4 arranging such visits. Allahumma Zid fa-zid

  2. Please put this documentary film Jesus in Kashmir in your internet page. May 3, 2011 – Uploaded by White Minar
    This is the latest documentary on the Truth of Jesus in Kashmir by the Film Division of the Government of India..

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