The Holiday of Holidays: Jews,Christians and Muslims celebrate together in Haifa

Source: Live Leak: A parade of performers dressed in costumes representing the season’s various holidays gathered in the Israel northern city of Haifa for a festive celebration of the region’s religiously diverse community.

The annual festival, known as the Holiday of the Holidays, celebrates Christian Christmas, Muslim Eid al-Adha and Jewish Hanukkah.

While the festival attracted plenty of Muslims residents this year, Eid al-Adha was not actually celebrated because it took place in October.


Still, the event was a success, with attendees lining up to chat with performers and take part in the celebration.

The annual festival, which aims to bring Arab and Jewish communities closer together, is being held for almost 20 years and attracts some 200,000 people from across Israel and abroad.


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  1. The city of Haifa can be a model for all of us. It is really heart warming to see everyone coming together.

  2. As Salaam-u-Alaikum to my Muslim brothers, Good Morning to my Christian brothers and Shalom to my Jewish brothers. It feels very nice to know about the above mentioned festival. This is “Azam Fazili” from (Indian) Kashmir.

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