Return of Jesus Christ From Celestial Abode – Jesus Versus Finality

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The belief that the last prophet, Muhammad (PBUH), has already come and gone and the assertions that Jesus (as) would descend to earth as a prophet after him are so inconsistent that they cannot be owned simultaneously. In fact this cocktail of two unrelated issues was made by some Ulema of the late medieval times. At the time of the revelation of the Holy Quran any connection between the two was unthinkable.
For the sake of the unfamiliar non-Muslim reader we need to explain the historical background of this issue lest they should fail to understand what the row is all about.

The verse “Khatamun-Nabiyyeen” is one of the most fundamental verses of the Quran which is profoundly rich in meaning and contains many possible connotations. But none of its connotations can even remotely be related to the so-called ascent of Jesus Christ (as). Hence the Ulema’s plea that Jesus (as) was lifted to the fourth heaven because this verse of finality was to be revealed by God is melodramatic. This so-called bodily ascent of Jesus has nothing to do with this verse nor with any verse in the Quran. The idea of raising Jesus Christ (as) to heaven had never occurred to God. The entire Quran and the traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) absolve God of this absurdity by a total absence of any such reference to the ascent of Jesus (as). For the Ulema to maintain that God had lifted him to forestall the problem created by this verse is unfounded allegation against the Quran. Thus it is the Ulema who is creating the problem himself and resolving it in the name of God. To bind this unfounded conjecture to one of the most fundamental verses of the Quran is an act of abomination. The reasons which motivate the medievalist clergy to do this and the deceptive manner in which they attempt to fuse these absolutely unrelated issues is the main subject of discussion here.
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  1. Thank you , TMT for posting this wonderful article which shows the most rational approach to this continuous problem of coming of Jesus & the finality of Prophet Mohammad SAW. May Allah bless the writer, Ameen.

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