With love for Jinnah- Ten Reasons why Ahmadi Muslims Will always love Pakistan

The Muslims Times by Abdul Alim

1. A vast majority of Ahmadi Muslims living across the world are still Pakistani in origin. Loving your homeland is a part of Ahmadiyya Muslim faith.  Imam of Ahmadiyya Muslims continues ask the community to pray and fast especially for their homeland

2. With the clearest version of Pluralistic, secular Islam, Ahmadiyya Muslims were the only organized Muslim Reform Movement in the Indian sub-continent which supported, helped to articulate and provided an independent narrative for Pakistan’s foundation, free of the right leaning, pan Islamic Deo-band Movement, and the left leaning, liberal Aligarh Movement. Inspired by the true significance of Methaq-e-Madina and its full understanding, Ahmadi Muslims of Pakistani origin defend Pakistan globally with ease and clear understanding.

3. Pakistan, gave identity and in return got adequately rewarded to be recognized as the birth place of two of the greatest Muslims Stalwarts of 20th Century, namely Sir Zafarullah Khan and Professor Abdus Salam.

4. Jinnah’s view of Islam, secular, pluralistic, was deeply influenced by Ahmadiyya Movement. There is a lot of historical evidence to support this. Sir Zafarullah Khan, practically remained the right hand man for Jinnah (who called him his son), possibly the one who drafted the 1940 Lahore Resolution. Allama Iqbal joined Ahmadiyya Movement in early 1900s and left only in 1930s due to differences on political leadership.

5. Pakistan is home to 190 million Muslims, one of the largest Muslim Nation in the World is also, and still, home to Permanent Head Quarters of Ahmadiyya Muslim Movement in the town of Rabwah founded at the time of independence. A large part of the global Ahmadiyya Muslim missionary work is still managed from this Town, another honour for Pakistan.

6. Despite persecution that originated in 1953 and continued to become harsher and intolerable Pakistan still remains home to millions of Ahmadi Muslims. Despite the incompetent, corrupt and hypocritical religious and political leadership, these Ahmadi Muslim continue to find food, shelter, clothing and where possible educational opportunities in Pakistan.

7. Pakistani people remain the most resilient, talented and industrious people you find anywhere. They excel everywhere. Those who sometimes fail to make a mark in the country, shine as soon as they are outside the country where they can compete openly. They are respected and liked as good professionals globally.

8. Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Gifted with land, deserts, highest mountain peaks, ski resorts and rivers, it has breath taking beauty that can capture anyone’s heart even in one visit. The culture and traditions are rich with hospitality, friendliness and warmth and folk culture, clothes and languages are diverse. Allah has granted huge amount of natural resource wealth to the country.

9. Pakistan remains in our hearts, in our conversations, in our worries and in our prayers no matter where Ahmadiyya Muslims of Pakistani origin are and where they have made their adopted homes. The flame of love that was lit in our hearts on our birth in this country can, and will never extinguish.

10. Ahmadiyya Muslims of Pakistani origin, despite having been persecuted and targeted over the period of its independence, are ultimate optimists. This springs from their firm faith in Allah the Almighty, who has promised to all persecuted in the way of Truth, a final victory, both spiritual and physical. Pakistan will remain an important focus of that final victory which will be won by Prayers and Love for All.

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  1. Dear Alim
    As you know, I am not shy of criticising you or others Pakistanis who sometimes do not distinguish between Pakistan the country, the land and its people and the tiny section of brain-dead religious zealots and incompetent politicians who nourish on populism and prosecute, not only minorities but also the majority of Pakistani people.
    But and this is a big BUT, this post of yours brought tears to my eyes.
    Your ten reasons for loving Pakistan should be a mandatory reading for all Pakistanis in the schools so that they can understand, what this country means to us and should mean to them.
    Today is the 136th birthday of our only Quaid who not only created a homeland for the downtrodden Indian Muslims but also gave clear guidelines as to how Pakistan should look like politically and culturally.

    His broadcast to the people of the United States (February 1948) is very clear:

    “I do not know what the ultimate shape of this constitution is going to be, but I am sure that it will be of a democratic type, embodying the essential principles of Islam. Today, they are as applicable in actual life as they were 1300 years ago. Islam and its idealism have taught us democracy. It has taught equality of men, justice and fairly play to everybody. We are the inheritors of these glorious traditions and are fully alive to our responsibilities and obligations as framers of the future constitution of Pakistan. In any case Pakistan is not going to be a theocratic State — to be ruled by priests with a divine mission. We have many non- Muslims — Hindus, Christians, and Parsis — but they are all Pakistanis. They will enjoy the same rights and privileges as any other citizens and will play their rightful part in the affairs of Pakistan”.

    Let us follow his wise words and make Pakistan a land of progress, modernity and where all its citizens have equal rights, responsibility and opportunities.

  2. My dear Bashy in the the case of Ahmadis you have also not have the courage to write an word about them. The 10 reasons given above has been proposed by an Ahmadi otherwise you know, here in pakistan in these days, you rarely find a Pakistani. They are sindhis, baluchis, pathans and Punjabis. The rightists identify theselves as Shias, Sunnis, Brelvis, Deobandis and Ahle Hadith etc. The poor Ahmadis still have love for Pakistan. Their members, dead or alive, are being disrespected, disregard and ignored by general public and the Govt. Their worship place, their shelters and the last resorts (Grave yards) are not safe. But still we love Pakistan. The reasons have been given above but for how long?

  3. Thanks, TMT!! My feelings exactly and on top of that we also instill the love of Pakistan in our children even if they are not born there because the land & people are wonderful except for a handful who have made it their mission to hurt innocent people.

  4. Bashy’s sentiments and true love for Pakistan is deeply appreciated.

    Last night (Dec.25. 2012) as Pakistan Association of San Francisco celebrated QAID-E-AZAM day at the famous CHANDI restaurant where more than 400 members attended braving a bad whether, I sat down listened with deepening concern some of the fiery speeches and poems. The one thing that came out loud and clear a Pakistan for all including minorities. The Los Angles-based deputy consul-general pointed out that white portion of the Pakistan flag signifies minorities of Pakistan.

    I have previously expressed (not being a Pakistani)my love for Pakistan growing up as elementary school kid in Fiji. At the Methodist Mission school, which attended against my wish to the downtown less acclaimed Muslim school, I was exposed to the Christian teachings and Hindu religion from the Hindi text books were read.

    I had passion to learn URDU and I looked to the Muslim school for it and from what I picked up from various reactions and talks URDU was linked with Pakistan. What I also noticed as a kid was that in Fiji Homes while Hindus displayed pictures of Mahatma Gandhi, many Muslims had pictures of Gen. Aiyub Khan in the military uniform. My personal prejudices dictated that if I needed to learn Islam, URDU was the vehicle for which invariably linked my thoughts to Pakistan as Muslim country.

    In my teens I accepted to join Ahmadiyya Muslim community to the dismay of my parents. It was here with Jamaat Ahmadiyya I was to quench my thirst for URDU and enormous knowledge of Islam. To me it was going to an open university. The Pakistani Ahmadi Muslim missionary and the Ahmadi Muslims in general all spoke URDU. My affinity for Pakistan grew fonder and stronger. I never looked to Saudi Arabia or any Muslim country as a truly Muslim state.

    Over the years as things changed and Ahmadiyya Muslim Community made progress internationally, I noticed Pakistan government’s indulgence in stifling with Ahmadiyya Jamaat, first by Z A Bhutto in whose defeat and ignominious death by hanging and Gen. Zia’s fateful demise in a plane crash which were clearly written on the walls.

    Crushing the desire and vision of Qaid-e-Azam, these two “champions” of evils, re-wrote a new Constitution of Pakistan changing its true values and most admired principles rooted in Islam that founder of the Pakistan stood for.

    It was showbiz and big talk, I thought as I listened to last night’s speeches and presentation.

    I came out feeling that by and large Pakistanis lack the moral courage to compel the change in the present-day Pakistan and restore it back to the QIAD-E-AZAM’s version of Pakistan for all based on justice and equality.

  5. I have not voted for any Pakistani to represent me.
    Minare Pakistan will be destroyed soon, just like the Minarets of Kharian Ahmadi mosque were destroyed by that Paleet government.INSHALLAH.

  6. Thought being a Pakistani I have sincere feeling of love and loyalty as part of my faith & I always remember her in my prayers, it is also incumbent on me to say the truth about Pakistan’s survival as an independent sovereign land as it is, that it is in extreme danger. Its economy is about to collapse; its social integrity has shattered into religious and ethnic rags; its political infrastructure has demolished and above all its moral is no where to be seen.

  7. No doubt in pakistan there are many threats for ahmadies but we can pay thanx to evils to help us to run away and from loving land pakistan as Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) left his loving land Makka and Hazrat Mirza Bashir ud din left Qadian But Some question are standing there for thinkers that why and how Makka was at last welcome Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) and Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (RA) and Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (ABA) Visited to Qadian. Also a Question is stood still that the evil forces having all social, political and numbering powers why no stoped ahmadiyya movement and the movement is raisin day by day with blessing by Allah Almighty. An other angle is we can not leave that we will always ready to pray for all pakistanis and muslims what ever they are doing against us but we will pray because Hazrat Masih Moud (AS) said ( Aakhir kunind Daawa e Hub e Paghambarum) Means ( At least they are trying to love with Hazoor (PBUH) with there own style. So please pray for all pakistanis that may Allah bless them and in this way it will be the most benifitial for all because Allama Iqbal said Zara num ho to ye mitti bari zarkhaiz he saqi.

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