Are the US and Israel about to clash?

Source: Asia Times:

By Ira Chernus

Here’s the question few peole are asking as 2012 ends, especially given the effusive public support the Obama administration offered Israel in its recent conflict with Hamas in Gaza: will 2013 be a year of confrontation between Washington and Jerusalem?

It’s true that the Israeli-Palestinian peace process appears dead in the water. No matter how much Obama might have wanted that prize, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rebuffed him at every turn. The president appears to have taken it on the chin, offering more than the usual support for Israel and in return getting kloom (as they say in Hebrew). Nothing at all.


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4 replies

  1. I won’t trust Benjamin Netanyahu as he can derail and upset any process given his past and fond affinity to the Republicans whose Middle East involvement in the past two decades has been dismal, pathetic and detrimental to the Muslim world in particular. Obama Administration has successfully contained and deterred Netanyahu-led Israel from preemptive strike against Iran to avert disastrous consequences. This aspiration to “punish” Iran and continued persecution in Palestine are a permanent threats to a conflict between Israel and USA.

  2. It will happen on the day of judgement possibly but not in our life time. We must read history and political issues in USA, Canada and UK before posting such things as it will not help at all.

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