Religious extremism sanctifies violence against women

Daily Times: Babar Ayaz.

Extremists give religious cover to all anti-women social and cultural values of the tribal and feudal societies and innovation: Ijtihad or Ijma

Women rights activists are gearing up the world over to celebrate the ‘One Billion Rising’ of women and men against ‘violence against women’. The organisers’ view is that every third women is raped and beaten around the world. The world’s women’s population is roughly 3.5 billion. The other day Aurat Foundation organised an interesting seminar on this issue in Karachi to discuss various reasons for violence against women.

…..When four women were mauled by dogs and buried alive in Balochistan, MNA Zehri, who is a minister of the present so-called liberal government warned people not to interfere in the Baloch traditions and social system.


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