Thousands of Shias protest in Karachi against Shia genocide in Pakistan

Source: LUBP

Tens of thousands of women, men and children, most of them Shias abut also some Sunnis, Ahmadis, Christians and Hindus, are currently part of a peaceful sit-in in Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi, to express unity and outrage against Shia genocide in Pakistan. The protest started on Friday 14 December and has now entered its third day. While Pakistani media and analysts usually discard Shia genocide as sectarian violence or ethnic violence, the Shia and Sunni demonstrators insist that Shias are being killed by Deobandi militants who are also killing innocent Sunnis, Ahmadis and Christians. “This is not Sunni vs Shia sectarianism, this is Takfiri Deobandis vs Sunni plus Shia”, a demonstrator said.

“Enough is enough”, these Shia demonstrators say, who constitutes over 20% of Pakistan’s 180 million populations and the second largest Muslim sect in the country. This is the city center and this huge gathering of Shia Muslims are protesting over the targeted killings of Shias across Pakistan. They are demanding to arrest the members of banned Deobandi out-fits (Sipah Sahaba aka Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat) who have been killing their loved ones. At least 500 Shias have been gunned down in 2012 alone.


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