Why Christ Doesn’t Need Christianity

Huff Post: Shane Hipps.

The long slow decline of religion in America has produced much hand wringing among Christians. The grief and anxiety are inevitable, but not entirely necessary. After all, Jesus didn’t come into this world to start a new religion. His stated purpose was actually to announce the presence of the “kingdom of God” (Luke 4:43). A reality, which he said, was located within us (Luke 17:21). Oddly enough, the very religion that bares his name has often built the biggest barriers to him and the life he promised.

One thing that might ease our anxiety is to remember that Christ and Christianity are not the same thing; If Christ is the wind, then Christianity is the sail. Some sails are better than others at catching the wind, some sailors are better at using the sail, but there is always and only one wind. A sail without the wind is a limp flag, wind without a sail is still the wind. The relationship is only one way.

Just because Christianity claims Jesus as its own does not mean that Christ automatically claims Christianity as his own.


Chief Editor’s comments:

I have always wondered, why more than a billion Christians continue to make a God out of Jesus, may peace be on him, in this age of information and rationality.  The enigma was solved for me, when I learnt about the essence of Christianity from a Christian theologian, Prof. Philip Cary, in one line, when he said, “Christianity is an obsession with the person of Jesus of Nazareth.”

This is the source of Jesus’ divinity and root cause of Trinity.

I have often noted that those who have been indoctrinated in Christianity during their childhood, even when they give up faith are unable to free themselves completely from the shackles of their obsession and the author Shane Hipps, one time Pastor, is no exception, as he puts Jesus in exaggerated colors in this article, “Put simply, Christ is much, much bigger than any religion.”

For a complete recovery from the obsession of divine Jesus and to know Jesus, a Jewish Prophet, who anticipate Islam, visit our site, Islam for the West.

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  1. Well that is not true that obsession with Christ is the source of divinity and trinity. Had it been disciples were much more obsessed than later Christians. It was Paul shyster and devil mind that created this set of beliefs just to win pagans support for a swift political and geographical take over. he just wanted to take down his rivals ranks among Jewish whom he fell out, anguished and left over for a revenge.

    A very simple question for those who are obsessed with Jesus divinity………….why Jesus could not save himself from an accursed death on cross from those wicked people and cried out for help ?

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