Saudi Sheikh Al-Manie: Ruling on prayer timings in northern Europe needed

Ahmadiyya Mosque Norway


Thursday 13 December 2012

Adviser at the Royal Court Sheikh Abdullah Al-Manie, who is also a member of the Council of Senior Religious Scholars, has demanded Islamic scholars and academies deal with some erroneous fatwas (religious edicts) issued in northern Europe regarding the time of obligatory prayers in regions where night is much longer than daytime.

“We should not abandon our Muslim brothers in northern Europe, Russia and America. We must cooperate and discuss with them, and assist them in all their religious issues,” Al-Manie said while speaking at a seminar organized by the Islamic Fiqh Academy, a subsidiary of the Muslim World League, in Makkah on Monday.

The topic of the discussion was prayer and fasting timings in countries lying between 48 and 66 degrees latitude in the northern and southern hemispheres, Al-Madinah daily reported Tuesday.

Generally, the Muslim prayer times are based on sunrise, sunset and the twilight glow in a place.
Clear and definitive directions on prayer timings is also needed as a growing number of Saudi youths is studying in northern cities of Canada and Britain, where the sun’s rising and setting patterns are different from the Kingdom and most other Muslim countries. Some scholars think the timing in Makkah could be followed in such situations.

“It is vital for people living in geographical locations between 48 and 66 degrees latitude to learn their correct timings for obligatory prayers and fasting,” the sheikh said.


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    • I remember Khalifa Rabai (May Allah bless his soul) spoke about this when he went to Norway. There is a hadith he referred to about fasting upto 12 hours and prayers times also distributed according to an average normal day by hours rather than by setting and rising of the sun which does not really happen in these areas. Would be happy to get enlightened but I am sure there is an answer in alislam or faith matters on MTA.

  1. If some one could pin point the reference given by Alim Sahib. I also remember there is some thing like that from Khalifatul Masih IV (RA) in this regard.

  2. if i remember correctly,Hazoor rhm spoke on this topic on his visit to Oslo In sep 1986 and May 1993.

  3. There was gradual imposition / implementation of Salaat (Nimaaz) in Madinah. I heard that initially, the Zuhr prayer was 2 raka’at. It was later decided to make it four Raka’at.

    Similarly, for the call to prayer. It was discussed and adopted. That was done during the time of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s.

    But we have a representative of the prophet with us i.e. the Khalifah sahib. I am sure he is authorised to give good advice. But it would be interesting to see what the Saudis will do. There are quite a few other things that can be amended in view of the international nature of our religion i.e. Islam.

    There is a Hadith telling us that salaat will be combined (offered in combination) during the time of the Promised Messiah a.s. We are combining two prayers at times of need. The time of Promised Messiah a.s. is extending till the end of the world.

    It is the truth of our religion which foretold that Salaat will be combined during the time of the promised Messiah a.s. This thing could only be told to the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. by an all knowing God Almighty.
    Allah knew that world will become a global village. There will be roads and cars and jobs at odd times, and committments and living in foreign people. It will necessitate relaxation in performance of prayers. That is what we are observing today, all over the world. Sometime we have to combine our prayers.

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