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  1. Why my toilet has no water: India
    Why i cannot have sauce with my sandwich: India
    Why Pakistan is in a mess: India
    Why Balochistan has so much trouble: India

    Pathetic indeed

  2. My feelings are hurt:
    1.When Ahmadis say we are Muslims
    2.When Ahmadis recite the Kalima Shahada
    3 When Ahmadis Send darud on Holy Prophet Mohammad(PBUH)
    4 When Ahmadis go to their Mosques for Prayer.
    5 When Ahmadis Send greetings of peace on me (Assalmo Alekkum)
    6 When Ahmadis Call Azan
    7.When Ahmadis protect Islam in Westermn World by explaining that it Islam means peace and Hormoney.
    ANd my feelings are hurt and I start boiling inside when I see Ahmadis progressing Because I am THE ONLY MUSLIM AND THAT IS ALL!!

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