In NA, PPP clarifies no dept to declare Ahmadis Muslims

The Nation: ISLAMABAD – The ruling PPP in Tuesday’s National Assembly session explicitly stated that none of the government departments had the authority to declare the Ahmadis and Qadianis as Muslims. “There has been no change in the government’s policy. And in the light of the Constitution, the Ahmadis and Qadianis are never treated as Muslims,” Defence Minister Naveed Qamar said clarifying the concerns voiced by an Opposition member, JUI-F leader Maulana Attaur Rehman, on a point of order. The House on its first private members’ day of the 48th session disposed of less than half of agenda items, while the verbal duel on Kalabagh Dam issue and compressed natural gas crisis remained dominant. Referring to media reports, JUI-F’s Attaur Rehman drew the attention of the House to an event organised by the Pakistan Embassy in the US to counter a blasphemous film, where the Ahmadis and Qadianis were taken as Muslims.


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  1. Pakistan government forget that not only their country oppose Ahmadi still ahmadiyya is progressing. My prayer is that, may God has mercy on the entire Muslim of the whole world to enable them to identify Promised Mesiah, Imam Mahdi, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as).

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