What’s going on in Pakistan?

Mid Day:   Sushant Singh.

Last Saturday, Shri Rama Pir Mandir, a century-old Hindu temple in Soldier Bazaar in Karachi, along with surrounding houses of the Hindus, was destroyed by the authorities. Although the Sindh High Court is hearing a petition on the matter, Karachi police denied the existence of the temple altogether.

………But it is not the Hindus alone that suffer from persecution in Pakistan. The other religious minority, Christians are no better off.

………..If discrimination against Hindus and Christians can be understood as being rooted in the founding ideology of Pakistan, the case of Ahmedis is a bit different. Responding to long-standing demands, when Prime Minister ZA Bhutto introduced a law in 1974 which declared Ahmedis as non-Muslim. Pak-istan’s only Nobel laureate, Abdus Salam, who also worked on Pakistani nuclear programme, is not remembered in that country because he was an Ahmedi.

Abdus Salam's grave



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