My childhood was a lie!

Express Tribune: Ushah Kazi.

Close your eyes and think of your childhood.

What stories did you hear? Which fairytale was your favourite? Which princess did you want to be like?

It doesn’t matter because they were all lies.

The creepy origins of the stories that we associate with our childhood, border on ‘gothic’ and practically ooze ‘inappropriate’. All I can say is, do not read this if you want to preserve the innocence of your childhood memories.

More often than not, cartoon adaptations of popular fairytales face very feminist criticism over the stereotypical ‘damsel in distress’ they present to young girls as a role model. But if you compare these useless halfwits to the characters they were inspired by, you may find the Disney-ish interpretations more suitable as role models. The first sugar coated lie we were all fed was that these princesses had spotless characters. Spotless complexions, maybe, but their virtues (or lack thereof) raised a few eyebrows and a lot of questions.

Remember that ‘innocent’ princess imprisoned in a tower by an evil witch?


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