Ahmadi plight: Dead but not resting in peace

Express Tribune blogs: by Badarchaudry: Pakistan is the bastion of Islam, and Muslims in Pakistan the vanguards of the Islamic movement. They will shortly take over the world and govern it with Shariah laws.

The only problem is for us to draw a consensus as to who really is a Muslim; the Sunnis or the Shias, sub categorised further into Barelvis, Ithna Asharis, Deobandis, Wahabis, the Ismailis or any other less popular sects?

We’re at least a step closer to achieving that end. Ahmadis are non-Muslims, and our constitution corroborates that stand; if people from that sect still decide to be tactless enough, so as to defy us on it, well we have article 298B and 298C of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) to ensure they fall in line.

So, my contention is not if Ahmadis are Muslims or not, nor is it on if they have a right upon the Islamic terminologies and symbolism. No folks, I’m a man of democracy and of rule of law, therefore, if my parliament decides upon a law ordering something to be the case, I won’t speak otherwise. However, where a law exists and is not being implemented, I think of it as my moral duty to point it out and to request the authorities concerned to adhere to it.


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  1. Please see surah ANAAM v 159 (160).If you are a secter of so called muslims then you are a ( FIRQA )so prophet s a w s has no relation with you.When a man has no connection with prophet muhammad s a w s then he not a muslim.Please reply.

  2. You so-called Muslims who are murderers and terrorists to take over and rule the whole world? That would have been the most unfortunate event to happen to to mankind. The whole humanity will have been unsafe and will have been annihilated by these savaged and uncivilized Muslims. ‘Nauzubillah’. You are a disgrace to Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.)in particular and Islam in general.
    May Allah have mercy on you and change your hearts to accept his rightly guided Mahdi, Hadhrat Mirza Ghalam Ahmad(a.s.)so that you become good Muslims through his guidance in order to portray the true image of the Holy Prophet Mohammad(s.a.w.)

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