Gaza calls for help

Source: New Straits Times

BANGI: Gaza is in great need of basic medical supplies, which have dwindled since the recent intensified aerial attacks by the Israeli army, killing at least 20 people and injuring 200 individuals, including children.

Hatem Shurrab, Media Manager at Islamic Relief Palestine (IRP), said that medical aid had become humanitarian aid organisations’ highest priority. There is shortage of medical supplies in Gaza, and it has worsened after the attacks.

“Hospitals have been facing shortage of medical supplies for the past three to four years. But now, with the intensified attacks, hospitals are unable to respond to the needs of injured people, who come in every few minutes,” he said from Gaza in a video conference arranged by Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM), here today.

Shurrab said that when IRP visited Gaza Central Hospital, they came across a number of casualties, most of whom were children. The IRP is concerned that there might be ground attacks in the next few days.

He said that almost half of those injured were children. Some of them were placed in the Intensive Care Unit.

Reports said that Ahmad Jabari, the commander of Hamas’ military wing, was killed during Israeli airstrikes Wednesday on the Gaza Strip. A number of airstrikes continued after this and killed 19 more people, including six children.

It was the heaviest barrage on the Palestinian territory in four years which was in retaliation for renewed rocket fire on southern Israel, reports said.

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