More loyal than the king

Source: ET

There they go again, the Ghairat Brigades, so trying to prove themselves loyal to the king that they have become more loyal than him. Hehehe, what fun it is to watch them yet another time do contortions, turn cartwheels and jump through hoops trying to prove that the COAS’s most recent lecture was meant for everybody and Charlie’s Aunt, but not for the Chief Justice.

Lo and behold, when lawyer Raja Mohammad Irshad (yes, you guessed right: the same Raja Mohammad Irshad who represented the ISI/MI in the Adiala 11-now-7 kidnapping/missing person’s case: four of them, shall we remind ourselves, found dumped by roadsides, beaten, starved and tortured to death) representing one Sardar Mohammad Ghazi told the court that the “… fact is that they (armed forces) have always respected the apex Court”, My Lord the Chief Justice responded saying, “Yes, we have witnessed it yesterday.


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  1. Mr K Shafi. Once again I would like to remind you unless mindset from the outset (training in PMA) will not be changed, the officers in Khaki will never consider themselves answerable to any civil law. You can see the clippinng of ex COAS Gen Aslam Beg challenging any one to show the power to try him. Currently no civil leader has the power or courage to take any Khaki man for trial because each one himself/herself is corrupt. So as you are doing just keep on enjoying on papers the whole matter as intellecual debate.

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