Bangladeshis posing as fake Rohingyas traced seeking asylum in Germany

Source: Blitz

Following publication of the report titled ‘Fake Rohingyas entering Western countries’ in Blitz, we have been receiving specific information from various sources from a number of Western countries, where Bangladeshi nationals have already sought political asylum pretending to be Ronhigyas born in Arakan. According to our sources, only during 2011-2012, a few thousand fake Rohingyas already sought political asylum only in the European nations, while a significant number of so-called Rohingyas are also reportedly seeking asylum in Canada. It may be mentioned here that, while Bangladesh government has been refusing international plea of giving shelter to the Rohingyas, which are Muslims from Arakan [Rakhain] state in the Western part of Myanmar, the seeking political asylum by Bangladeshi nationals in a number of Western countries is not only immoral but it also goes against the interest of Rohingyas as a whole as the Western nations are accepting such asylum petition of the Bangladeshi nationals considering them to be Rohingyas from Myanmar, who are currently facing worst form of genocide in that country. Some even compare the Ronhingya genocide in Myanmar with that of Nazi genocide on Jewish people in Germany.

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