This Attack Plan For Iran Is So Extensive There’s No Way The US Could Go It Alone With Britain questioning the legality of a strike on Iran, denying the U.S. access to pivotal airbases, and the U.S. presidential election just days away, we wanted to re-examine how extensive an endeavor a strike on Iran would be.

Washington D.C. foreign policy think tank the Center For Strategic & International Studies took a long hard look at what it really means to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions, what it would take, and what it could lead to in a report last month authored by the renowned Anthony Cordesman.

The speculation that Israel can go it alone against Tehran remains, but the specifics of what’s required by a US attack to put the nuclear program in the dust is outlined in detail. At least 16 F-18s, and 10 B-2 bombers carrying 30,000 pound Massive Ordnance Penetrator bombs, would initially be required by US forces. The U.S. fleet of B-2s called for here are largely stationed in the U.S. and though aerial refueling is common, where those tankers may fly from is limited.




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