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It’s a television first, claims the BBC Press Office. OK they would say that wouldn’t they but I think it might be the first time in decades – if not ever – that a British network has screened a programme, let alone a series, about Muhammad. According to the blurb it charts the “extraordinary story of a man who, in little more than 20 years, changed the world forever”. The series as a whole raises questions about some of the more contested areas of Islam such as women, religious tolerance and conflict.

The three hour documentary proceeds in a chronological fashion based on the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad and the third part has a fairly detailed discussion on Sharia and polygamy.

Were the series not interesting enough – even critics of Islam and religion generally are sure to find something in it – the backdrop to it is also fascinating. I’ve been asking BBC executives for years when they planned to show such a series – first asking its director general Mark Thompson, then its head of religion Aaqil Ahmed (more about him later) and then most recently BBC One controller Danny Cohen. After years of nagging, lo! It has come to pass.  Read more in Guardian UK:

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  1. Dear Editor,

    This news item is dated July 2011. So the documentary has already been shown. It would be good to know when this documentary was shown or where that can be viewed.

    Munir Varraich

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