The TTP’s ‘defence’ of the attack on Malala

Source: ET

It would be folly and treasonable for anyone who accepts the version of religion that kills little girls. PHOTO: FAZAL KHALIQ/ EXPRESS

The Taliban have issued an elaborate seven-page statement detailing their explanation for their reasons to execute Malala Yousufzai. Somebody within the Taliban’s world of terrorism and extortion is churning out their future plan of replacement of Pakistan’s ideology as expressed through its Constitution. Those who see Malala’s expression of protest against the Taliban’s edict of banning female education in Pakistan as an American plot will first have to formally forswear the Constitution. As we shall see, this is going to be an uphill task.

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman, Ehsanullah Ehsan, has issued a more detailed defence of what the terrorists have done:

1) Malala is “grown up” at 14 and, therefore, liable for punishment; 2) In Islam and “Pakhtun traditions”, there is absolutely no room for an attack on a woman of pure virtues. But in cases where a woman is seen as a clear sinner who stands in defiance of Sharia, such a woman is not only allowed to be attacked but there is an obligatory instruction for such an action; and 3) Malala was a spy who divulged secrets of the mujahideen and the Taliban through the BBC and in return received awards and rewards from the Zionists, writing her Gul Makai diaries for the BBC.

What comes next is supported by many in the clerical-madrassa world and their right-wing followers who cannot handle the twin hatreds in the Pakistan of America and the Taliban and wish to ‘forgive’ the latter in order to fight the former. Ehsan joins the anti-Malala frog chorus, saying “she was brought before the media under a pre-planned strategy so that she could pollute the minds of the youth against the Taliban” and that “the Taliban executed the attack on an adult girl only after she emerged as a pivotal character in the media war against us”.

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