Picture of the Day: Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan?



Vienna, Austria, 1916.. the king with his wife –  as the queen was – was entirely covered … Primitive? Extremist? Oppressed? Backward? It was ok for the King to protect his queen from the prying eyes of men, but it is not ok for the rest of us today.. today they would be called backward? Because? Women have changed? Men have changed? Times have changed? What has changed?

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  1. Amazing photo to remind us all how the threshold for the decent values is shifting to destruction. Nothing has changed except our tolerance to evil. We have started accepting more nakedness in others and in our own homes in the name of changed values. No, no the values have not changed. Values were defined by the message of Allah in Holy Quraan and exemplified by His Messenger the Prophet of Islam Hadhrat Mohammad (Peace and blessings of Allah may descend upon him). Time and again Hadhrat Khalifa-tul-Masih is reminding us how we and our women need to dress and behave. If we don’t listen Allah will not care for us.He clearly says “Allah-u-Samad”. And He says “WataquAllah”. This is not for Muslims only to stop and think, but it is a warning to all mankind.

  2. Almost all the royal ladies in the upper video are cladded in Burquas.It was considered a sign of grace and prestige for the ladies.
    But most Christians, specially Christian ladies connect it to rituals and traditions.Whereas the man that was with her agreed to me. And told her to stop making lame excuses.
    In the Bible it is said a woman without a head cover should be taken as a shaven head.When I told this to a Christian lady. She said No No it is for the special occasional. Not always. I told her it is too mentioned in the Bible that at seeing Issac pbuh approach, Rabeca went behind the camel and covered her head. How clearly this shows the tradition of Christian chaste lady’s practice.
    And what about Holy Mary pbuh. She too wore a head cover. But she insisted it has nothing to do with religion it was just a tradition.

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