Jordan: It rained !!! Cooler, clearer weather forecast as unstable conditions break

Royal Jordanian diverts flights to Amman Marka airport due to dust, winds

by Hana Namrouqa Jordan Times

AMMAN — The unstable weather conditions that have affected the Kingdom over the past few days are expected to start subsiding on Wednesday, with fair autumn weather forecast for the rest of the week.

A drop in temperatures is expected as the unstable conditions, which started affecting the country on Sunday and brought above-average temperatures, thunder and the rain season’s first showers, ease off, the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) said on Tuesday.

Dusty weather and strong winds on Monday and Tuesday forced Royal Jordanian (RJ) to divert some flights, the airline said in a statement.

“Royal Jordanian was forced to divert some of its flights to Amman, starting Monday. Two of its flights landed at Amman Civil Airport in Marka, instead of Queen Alia International Airport,” including a flight from Berlin on Monday and one from Abu Dhabi on Tuesday.

“Some of the passengers who were onboard left Amman Civil Airport for their homes, while transit passengers were flown onboard the two aircraft to Queen Alia International Airport to continue their travel after the weather conditions improved,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, the JMD said temperatures will start dropping on Wednesday to their annual average during this time of the year of around 30ºC.

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NOTE BY THE EDITOR: Sorry about this, just to show what may be Headline News in one country may of course not be Headline News for another…, but since it did not rain in Jordan since April the first shower of rain is Newsworthy here.

A thick haze of dust covers the southern part of Irbid, some 80 kilometres north of Amman, on Tuesday (Photo by Hassan Tamimi)

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