E-track monitoring system for pilgrims


Sunday 30 September 2012

MAKKAH: The government is working on introducing an e-track monitoring system while developing centers of inspection and screening at the entrance of Makkah to prevent undocumented pilgrims from entering the holy sites, Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal said yesterday.

The governor was launching a national campaign to create awareness among pilgrims.

Prince Khaled said there is need to put an end to unauthorized pilgrimage by Saudis and expatriates who sneak into the holy sites without carrying valid Haj permits or without taking the services of domestic Haj agencies.

“Over the past years, several studies have indeed confirmed that the key problems facing the Haj management are linked with overcrowding and incidents of stampedes, makeshift tents on the roadsides, accumulated waste, campfire cooking and lack of sanitation,” the prince said.

Prince Khaled, who is chairman of the Central Haj Committee, said the campaign has developed a new set of communication objectives. “Its most notable objective is to remodel Haj outreach efforts by turning the campaign from being just a one-off event into a strategic multistakeholder initiative that fosters the concept of a well-integrated Haj sector and realizes the interests of all partners,” he said.

The campaign targets key partners comprising the broader society that effectively hosts the Haj ritual, including both Saudi citizens and residents, and the economic community that consists mainly of those who work and economically benefit from the Haj season, along with all the formal sectors in charge of providing services to pilgrims.

“Throughout this campaign efforts will be made to tap the energies of young men and women in the Makkah region. Youths have demonstrated a willingness to volunteer in various developmental, social and religious activities,” the governor said.

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