Muslim student must attend swimming lessons

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The Hessian Administrative Court dismissed the lawsuit of a Muslim high school student in Frankfurt, who for religious reasons did not want to attend swimming lessons at their school. The court gave the headmaster right who had pointed to the possibility of the student Burkinis.The Hessian Administrative Court (VGH) has made it difficult Muslim students to be exempt for religious reasons from mixed swimming lessons. The Kassel judges reported on Friday dismissed the appeal of a twelve year old high school student from Frankfurt, which had refused in the past school year to learn along with their male classmates swimming.

The girl wanted to find court that they had been wrongfully committed to participate. The Senate, however, declared the action of the head teacher as shown by the lower court to be legal. The director, the then fifthgraders on a so-called burkini – referenced and rejected its request for exemption – a swimsuit that can only head and hands.
Freedom of religion or state education commission. The plaintiff had claimed that their Islamic faith prohibits to show itself against boys or men in bathing suits. It adds that, and they would not see their male classmates half naked. “I would love to swim, but only if there are swimming lessons for girls who dress themselves properly and not just wear a bikini,” said the student, adding, “I take seriously my religion.”

Burkini ban on swimmers in Oberhausen

Strictly religious Muslim families can not continue to go swimming with so-called Burkinis in the public baths of Oberhausen. The full-body suits are prohibited for reasons of hygiene – and it should remain that way.Her lawyer Klaus Meissner referred to a judgment of the Federal Administrative Court in 1993, which had granted a similar case of religious freedom takes precedence over the public education mission.
Girls should wear full-body suit The VGH saw in the case of the young Frankfurter differently – even 19 years ago because it had not yet given the alternative burkini. The girl was wearing was unreasonable this full body suit, said court president Karl-Hans Rothaug. And since they are not the normal mixed-sex physical education also refused, they seem to stand the sight of fully clothed boys can not quite.
Ministry sees as an opportunity for tolerance burkini
Oberhausen will prevail despite all the criticism that Muslim girls are allowed also in the body suit “burkini” in swimming pools. This was previously banned from hygiene reasons. Many Muslim women therefore not take part in swimming lessons.”The fact that they then one or the other young naked upper body gets to see, must accept it for the sake of integration,” said Rothaug. However, he stressed that it was an individual decision. It has also played a role here, that the applicant had not yet reached puberty and that she was going to a school with a very high proportion of children from immigrant families.

The law against that judgment was to the VGH. If the girl wants to move now before the Federal Administrative Court, let z prosecution lawyer Meissner.

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