‘Innocence of Muslims’ producer arrested, charges as yet unclear

Russian TV: The filmmaker allegedly behind the Islamophobic video that sparked anti-US protests the world over has reportedly been taken into custody in Los Angeles and is due to appear in court.

“I can confirm he’s in custody, scheduled to make a court appearance as we speak, in federal court in downtown LA,” Thom Mrozek of the United States Attorney’s Office told AFP on Thursday.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula has been under investigation by probation officers looking into whether he violated violated the terms of his parole by uploading a 14-minute trailer of the film to YouTube.

Although the exact nature of the court appearance is unclear, the prosecutors could ask the judge to return Nakoula to prison if he was not authorized by his parole supervisor to upload the video.


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  1. It is a relief that at least they have considered him to be threat for the peace of the world.
    Let’s hope that he is punished and made him and his alike realize the graveness of this offence. And we hope no one would ever dare to try this ever again.

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