Innocence of Muslims – Real Version

I want to thank Mr. Jürgen Todenhöfer for his very effective journalism in this video response.

Here is our comprehensive response: The Muslim Times’ Response to an Anti-Islam Film.


 From Wikipedia

Jürgen Todenhöfer (born 12 November 1940 in Offenburg) is a German executive,[1] author and former politician.

Todenhöfer studied law at the universities of Munich, Paris, Bonn and Freiburg. He graduated as a doctor of law in 1969 and worked as a judge from 1972 on. He became a member of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) in 1970 and was a member of the German parliament from December 13, 1972, to December 20, 1990, (five election periods). He also acted as party spokesman for development policy and arms control.

In 1980 he visited Soviet-occupied Afghanistan and started to raise money for refugees. Todenhöfer is one of the most prominent German critics of the US-led wars against Afghanistan and against Iraq starting in the years 2001 and 2003, respectively. Till 2008 he has been vice chairman of the executive board at German media company Hubert Burda Media.

He claims that during the war in Iraq the Bush administration was deceiving the public and that the US war in Iraq has killed several hundred thousand Iraqi civilians. He has visited Iraq several times and did original research for his book Why do you kill, Zaid.[2]

He welcomed the International Criminal Court arrest warrant against the Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir and sent an open letter to the Prosecutor General of the ICC, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, questioning the liability of the ICC. He asked for the reasons which led the prosecutor to indict the Sudanese dictator but not the US president or the British prime minister.

Major works

  • Wer weint schon um Abdul und Tanaya? (2003)amazon
  • Andy und Marwa. Zwei Kinder und der Krieg (2005)amazon
  • Warum tötest du, Zaid? (2008)amazon
  • Why Do You Kill?: The Untold Story of the Iraqi Resistance, (2008), ISBN 978-1-934708-14-9 amazon
  • Teile Dein Glück (2010) amazon


  1. ^ Hubert Burda Media – Board
  2. ^ ” WDR5 interview in “Tischgespräch”, broadcast 15.September 2008, 03:03 to 04:00

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6 replies

  1. Zia H.S. Sahib, Thank you for the wonderful work you and your team are doing. May Allah continue to uplift you all in all blessed ways. Ameen. ‘Innocence of Muslims- Real Version’ is the real version indeed. May Allah bless the author/producer. I just pray the aggressive Muslims should learn from the good work the innocent and good non-muslims in the WEST are doing on behalf of muslims and Islam. This should be an eye opener for the violent muslims that the best method to react to the nauseating happenings in the world and about Islam in particular is for the Muslims to present and re-present Islam and the excellent attitude and behavior of Hadhrat Muhammad, pboh, through all the social media like the one you have shared with us.
    Meanwhile, let me also use this opportunity to appreciate the comments of Mrs. Hillary Clinton (on CNN which we got through on the disgusting and so called ‘Innocence of Muslims’ produced on the soil of America. However, it is very necessary to remind the Government of the US that the freedom of expression that is accorded every citizen of America should always be accompanied by time-to-time sensitization on the need to respect the sentiments of others.

  2. Just after I watched it the video has been removed. I wonder why Jürgen Todenhöfer has not been allowed freedom of expression.

  3. Here are the main headings of theses presented by Jürgen Todenhöfer:

    1. The West is much more violent than the Muslim world. Millions of Arab civilians have been killed since colonialism began.

    2. Faced with the warmongering of the West, it is really not surprising that support for Muslim extremists continues to grow.

    3. Terrorists in Islamic disguise are murderers. The same holds true for the ringleaders disguised as Christians who wage wars of aggression in contravention of international law.

    4. Muslims were and are at least as tolerant as Jews and Christians. They have made a major contribution to Western civilization.

    5. Love of God and love of one’s neighbor are the central commandments not only in the Bible but also in the Qur’an.

    6. Western policies towards the Muslim world suffer from a shocking ignorance of even the simplest facts.

    7. The West must treat the Muslim world just as fairly as it treats Israel. Muslims are worth as much as Jews and Christians.

    8. The Muslims must champion a progressive and tolerant Islam, as did their prophet Muhammad. They must strip terrorism of its religious mask.

    9. Nothing fosters terrorism more than the West’s “war on terror”. Muslim countries must resolve their problems with radical Islamism themselves.

    10. What is needed now is the art of statesmanship, not the art of war – in the Iran conflict, the Iraq conflict and the Palestine conflict.

  4. I repeat an earlier comment here:

    Freedom of speech in the West has become a colonial tool. Noam Chomsky, the American philosopher and political critic, summed up the western concept of freedom of speech when he said: “If you believe in freedom of speech, you believe in freedom of speech for views you don’t like.

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