Newsweek trolls again with MUSLIM RAGE


Author: Alex Pareene 

Look, we all know Tina Brown, editor of Newsweek, is simply trolling us, because trolling is the only way for a weekly newsmagazine to get any sort of attention anymore. (Time doesn’t troll us, and as a result no one ever talks about Time.) So, MUSLIM RAGE.

As pure trolling, this is in a way less egregious than the “What if Princess Di Were Still Alive” fanfic of last year, because this one does at least have a news “hook.” There are protests and stuff going on! This is related to the “news” of the “week.” But it’s also a much more and counterproductive bit of trolling,because it is shamelessly exploiting a sensitive situation with idiotic “provocative” fear-mongering.

Hey, do you know what would’ve been super-helpful here? A cover that promised to like explain what is going on with these embassy protests, instead of one that just shouted MUSLIM RAGE. Maybe, like, a history of and explication of the beliefs of the Salifist movements currently behind most of the protests? And some notes on the political scenes in the various countries where protests have taken place? Oh, wait, looks like Time already wrote this story? What a useful primer on the factions of the region and the motives of the players involved! And no stupid bloggers paid any attention, at all. POINT: TINA.

This Newsweek cover story, on the other hand, is worse than useless when it comes to understanding what the hell is actually going on in Egypt, Libya and the other sites of protest across the Arab world. It is … about how Muslims are angry and liberals are stupid for not acknowledging that Muslims are angry. Like, it mentions the movie, and the attacks, but it’s mostly focused on Salman Rushdie and the author of the story, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an ex-Muslim who now writes pretty much exclusively about how horrible Muslims are.

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