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  1. Tahir ul Qadri is nicely exposed and offers lame excuses. He says that Pakistani Judges are very good and just and have therefore have not awarded death punishment for blasphemy. I do not then understand, why was he criticizing the structure and administration of the laws.
    Qadri says that he is for freedom of choice and democracy, but, then he wants to kill anyone accused of blasphemy. The interviewer could not get a single straight answer from this so called scholar of Islam. What a shame! This is perhaps the most twisted interview I have ever seen.
    Here is an idea! Qadri insulted the Prophet by being such a cheat, he should be tried under blasphemy laws and arrested when he lands in Pakistan. That will be a suitable tit for tat!

  2. People either because of their ignorance of legal aspect of the law Substantive part & Procedural Part or due to their jealousy with Dr.Tahir ul Qadri that despite of all ill-efforts of spreading disinformations & wrong blames , he is still getting progess day in & day out….before his research works werer only highly appreciated and accepted at indo-pak subcontinent but now during his last few years stay in Europe , he is now well known in all over the world and is been referred as a authority in Islam,true representative of Islam as a “peace2 all over the world…his network in more than 90 countires speaks itself….

    Regarding current disinformation, I am surprised why people are not understnding a simple thing that the video they are sharing is just tampered one made with short clips taken out of context from entirely different situations and backgrounds….and even central point was that Dr.Tahir ul Qadri was defending and admitting his argumental & reasoning based role in blasphemy law that resulted in “Substantive Part” of the law as a death penalty not only in Pakistan but before European media & press…that was really impressive and encouraging…

    I can only say one thing that by sharing such wrong cut & mixed out of context videos, actually people are doing indirectly & hiddenly the role of discrediting blasphemy law status in the minds……also trying to spread their failed try to spread chains of wrong blames and lies some thing like this…

    ابتدائیے اور متعلقہ وضاحتوں کو کاٹ کر عامۃ الناس میں بدگمانیوں پیدا کرنے کے لئے منظم طریق سے پھیلایا۔ یہ اسی طرح ہے جیسے قرآن حکیم کی یہ آیت کریمہ
    لاَ تَقْرَبُواْ الصَّلاَةَ وَأَنتُمْ سُكَارَى.
    النساء، 4 : 43
    ’’اے ایمان والو! تم نشہ کی حالت میں نماز کے قریب مت جاؤ۔‘‘ کا آدھا آخری حصہ کاٹ دیا جائے اور کہا جائے کہ دیکھو قرآن کہہ رہا ہے کہ ’’نماز کے قریب مت جاؤ‘‘ آپ ذرا تحریف کے مرتکب اس شخص کے ایمان کا اندازہ کر لیں۔ اس سے بڑی بد دیانتی وخیانت اور کیا ہوگی؟

  3. The video speaks for itself. Your defense ‘Peace,’ is very lame. Any one who is for punishment of blasphemy is on weak footings, as the idea is against the Quranic teachings, and sooner or later would be exposed. Tahir ul Qadiri has promoted medieval thinking over the decades and now cannot have his cake and eat it too.

    Bring forth his writings from the past if you are truthful. In the mean while read the following to know about genuine teachings of Islam regarding blasphemy:


  4. Two things can not be denied:
    ONE: Both statements have been given by Tahir ul Qadri
    TWO: His non verbal language speaks louder and anybody can see how he finds difficulty coping with the real answers.

  5. One cannot become a scholar and pious by wearing a saucepan on the head. jokes apart.

    What a shame. How can he deny these recorded statements of his own and still show his face to the world. He is a habitual lier.

  6. Here’s one thought though. This fellow Qadri will open his mouth to please when he sees a chance to further his influence. So he said something to please some blood-thirsty Pakistanis and something else to please the West. Now the situation is that some Danes are using the videos to propagate the false impression that Islam is a violent religion. So while gloating over Qadri’s misfortune we should also take care of the vile Danish propaganda.
    I looked into the question of why the Danes are so active in this field, and came up with:

  7. Indeed tahir Qadri is a liar. The video speaks for itself. The interviewer was also surprised.
    Previously, he lied about doing prostration to any person. He was quite against it and preaching violently against prostration (Sajdah). Now people see that his friends are prostrating before him. That is a clear mischief.
    At another moment, tahir Qadri was preaching that aulia have more knowledge than even the prophets. he was referring to the case of Khizr a.s. against Hazrat Musa a.s. as described in Surah kahf. But he was proceeding very carefully (cautiously). Maudoodi sahib has been more qualified by saying that Khizar a.s. is not human. He could only be an angel.

    Recently Tahir Qadri visited London and issued a fatwa against Jihad covering 600 pages. I heard that in the news. God knows what was in those 600 pages. He could not be brief on that subject.

    I had noted lot of hue and cry on some forum against tahir Qadri that he was sitting and eating and enjoying the company of Shia leaders. That Sunni forum was much annoyed and abusing tahir Qadri because he was enjoying company of those who abuse hazrat Abubakr and Umar and Uthman (r.a.)
    Tahir Qadri is sure to tilt the result of next elections in Pakistan against Nawaz Sharif. May be nawaz deserves it too.

  8. I live in Copenhagen and can confirm, what Amtul Q Farhat in her post talks about.
    I saw at first hand how, Mr. Qadri sat on a Danish TV in May 2012 and lied through his teeth about the Blasphemy Law in Pakistan. He claimed that he had nothing to do with it. When the TV station played an earlier video of him addressing a gathering of Pakistanis in Urdu and where he took all the credit for the formulation and instigation of the law, he pleaded innocence. When the TV host pressed him to explain, why in Urdu tape he has suggested death for Muslims and non-Muslims for Blasphemy, he countered; You have misunderstood me.

    The man is a charlatan, an egomaniac and has nothing to offer to the Pakistani people. His support comes from those who are religiously exploitable and he misuses Islam to get his political comeback. It is a pity that politics in Pakistan has reached such a low point that a man of Qadri’s dubious record, Canadian nationality and a carefully cultivated personality cult is now threatening the elected government, no matter how incompetent.

  9. For attention to Amtul Q Farhat and Bashy Quraishy!

    I have read all the above comments. I request both of you to kindly put all the discussion here in English text of Tahir ul Qadri interview with Danish TV in May 2012.

    It will certainly help us to understand the interview more effectively and also to understand the contradictory statement of Tahir ul Qadri on Blasphemy law for future references.

    With regards to both of you and all others on this forum.

  10. It’s obvious that a wretch who is sick enough to forge a dream about the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) saying that he had to book a ticket for him to (SAWS) Pakistan because he was unable is truly a liar on all levels. He’s been a liar ever since his first failures at politics in earlier 80’s. Now he is posing as a religious man. A shameless man and a liar, and shame on the people who are so blind as to follow this person.

  11. first this … qadri used to tell straight lies like about the dream in which he claims he saw the prophet etc… and now whenever he speaks, he speaks half truths…. like stressing more on the maghfira / forgiveness by Allah instead of encouraging to change oneself and be a better Muslim…

    inapite of claiming to be a great devotee of the prophet he takes leniently the importance of keeping beard as per sunnah…. he recently caused tension in Hyderabad, India when he referred to the tablighi people as “jahannumi”
    just for spreading Islam and following the sun ah of prophet …

  12. For attending to requirements of
    Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik sahib, i.e. his post of 25 December 2012, I may briefly report as follows:

    It is difficult to translate all the interview. In Denmark, the Anchor asked qadri sahib about his work in making the blasphemy law in Pakistan. (That was the actual question).

    Qadri sahib went on a tangent and started replying on totally different topic, i.e. the blood money if some one has killed some one.
    He did not, at all, talk about his efforts (which he had claimed in an earlier interview) in formulating the blasphemy laws (295C, 298C) in Pakistan.

    In other words, he avoided the question and got away with it.

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