Anti-Islamic party of Geert Wilders set for big loss in Dutch elections

The Freedom Party of anti-Islamic Dutch politician Geert Wilders has lost 11 seats in the parliament.

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The party of anti-Islamic Dutch politician Geert Wilders has slammed in national elections.

According to the Associated Press, exit polls showed that his anti-Europe, anti-immigration Freedom Party lost 11 seats in parliament, falling from 24 to 13.

“I would have rather stood here with good news, but the voter has spoken: we have lost badly,” Wilders told supporters after exit poll results were released.

He said he would continue to “fight,” to “to protect the Netherlands against Europe, against mass immigration, against the [European] super-state.”

Agence France-Presse wrote that Dutch voters had overwhelmingly rejected anti-EU extremism in favor of pro-European pragmatism

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