An Interesting but Surprising exchange of words about Ahmadiyya in Largest English Newspaper of Pakistan

Source: Express Tribune-Pakistan

Note by the Editor: On 22nd of August-2012 an article by Faheem Younús under the title  “Are Pakistani Ahmadis loyal to their homeland?” appeared in largest English News papers, Express Tribune of Pakistan.  It was posted on Muslim Times also.  Up til now it has drawn 217 comments. Starting from 210 onwards comments are quite interesting. In one comment reference and website of Muslim times has also been mentioned thus enhancing its readers circulation.  Since many do not read comments as such these interesting comments are posted here for the information of MT Readers.


  •  Khatm-e-Nubuwwat Zindabad Sep 5, 2012 – 2:45PM

    “I won’t let you take my soul away till you go back and ask Allah about the way my Ummah will be treated after me” – Muhammad – e – Arabi (sallaho alaihi wasallam) to Izrael (AS).
    No one on Earth can ever be compared to this man !!!
    A community which has never been loyal towards the King of the Kings, how can it dream of being loyal towards a mere piece of land ?? :s
    nothing more than a piece of filth. 

  • Leopard Sep 5, 2012 – 3:08PM @Khatm-e-Nubuwwat Zindabad:
    Dear, first you should try to learn the meanings of loyalty and then comment. Even in holy book it is stated that in Muslim Ummah only those will be blessed who will show the real loyalty with prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Except for Paksitan in whole world elsewhere the Ahmadiyya Community enjoys excellent reputation being the most loyal sect of Islam.The writings of founder of Ahmadiyya Community fully depicting the sincere loyalty to his real Master (prophet Muhammad pbuh). However to understand these writings one has to have a really deep spirited heart and mind. No Ahmadi needs a loyalty license from a person like you who just on the incorrect interpretation of terminology of “Khatmen Nabiyyen” disguising the whole Muslim Ummah. As I know the Ahmadiyya Community in fact is the real torch bearer of correct interpretation of word Khatamen Nabiyyeen.The progress of community in whole world should be an eye opener for you and others opposing the community.

  • Khatm-e-Nubuwwat Zindabad Sep 5, 2012 – 3:52P @Leopard:
  • on a very frank note, your comment cracked me up.
    Firstly, I am fully aware of the meaning of “loyalty”. Something which is missing from the writings of the founder of your community. Had he been loyal, he would have never gone against the ACTUAL teachings of the prophet (sallaho alaihi wassallam).
    Secondly, I would like to make a correction in your comment. You said “Ahmadis are known as the most loyal sect of Islam all over the world”. Kindly don’t associate yourself with such a pious religion. Islam has no place for traitors like you, sorry to say.
    Do u notice that the sects in Islam differ on every other thing? Right from the the smallest things to all major issues. But when it comes to the definition of “Khatamen Nabiyyeen”, not a single difference can be observed among any of the sects of Islam. A consensus on declaring Ahmadis as Kafir !!! For those who are sane, this example is sufficient to declare Ahmadis as someone out of the ambit of Islam.

  •  Leopard Sep 5, 2012 – 6:54PM @Khatm-e-Nubuwwat Zindabad:

    When leopard attacks cracks do occur so please do not worry you will heel up soon.
    Before responding you point wise better follow decent language which is the basic teachings of Islam.
    1. On which points the founder of Ahmadiyya community has gone against the teachings of his Master, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)? Please specify exactly.
    2. World is a big place and there are many notable evaluators belonging to all religions. Very recently (July-2012) when current supreme head of Ahamdiyya Community met with Ms Nancy, the house leader of Democrats of USA and other senators in US congress, after listening the Islamic teachings to spread peace in the world, she very loudly responded that head of Ahamdiyya Community seems to be most loyal to Islam and looks to be spreading the real teachings which are acceptable to all. What the supreme head of community said in Capitol Hill you can read by clicking Search for address in capitol hill by supreme head of ahamdiyya community and you will get it. After reading the address decide yourself if He is loyal to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or not. How nicely he interpreted the teaching of Islam from Quran and Hadith, one can see in the speech. In the same event when the supreme head of community entered the room at capitol hill, the way Ms Nancy and other showed deepest respect to the head of Ahadmiyya community it can only be seen for the heavenly personalities. To me such respect and honour for an Islamic leader is bestowed only on those who remain loyal to Holy Quran, Hadith, Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and to the real teachings of Islam. In another incident the way parliament member of Canada kissed the hands of supreme head of Ahamdiyya was a pleasant surprise. No worldly leaders get such respect and honour. All this is due to the loyalty which Ahamdiyya Community supreme head shows to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
    3. The assembly which threw Ahmadiyya out of ambit of Islam consisted of whom now every Pakistani knows it. Just few weeks ago Dr Mobahsir a close companion of ZA Bhutto himself revealed that Ahmadiyya decision was taken on the insistence of Saudi King Faisal and it was totally a political decision and had nothing to do with religion. Under such circumstances which Ummah you mean and which Ulema you are referring.
    4. See the miserable conditions prevailing in Pakistan. Each day each Pakistani is undergoing a new hell. In spite of so many efforts every day country is getting near to its doom day. Why is this? Is it trial or wrath of God to the nation. Irrespective of the fact whether Ahamdiyya is true or not, as long atrocities will continue against innocent human beings, nation will keep on suffering the wrath of God. Another aspect, as per my understanding, which has brought miseries to Pakistan is the open Takfir of founder of Ahamdiyya Community by name. Each citizen is forced to sign a declaration calling the Ahamdiyya founder as impostor to be considered as Muslim in Pakistan. Irrespective of the fact whether he was true or not, never ever in any country of world one is required to make such declaration to be considered as Muslim. Not even in Saudi Arabia. Similarly,neither Jews declare in writing the Jesus (AS) was impostor to be called as Jews nor Christians declare prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was impostor to be called as Christians. Each individual has right to adopt any religion without compulsion. It is only Pakistan which got a special status to decide the religion of its citizens.
    5. There is one famous Hadith that Muslim Ummah will be divided in 73 or 74 groups. Only one will be on right path while others will follow wrong path. With unity of all other Muslim groups about Ahamdiyya, this single group, which will be on right path, the whole Muslim Ummah itself has decided by pointing out the Ahamdiyya as different group. And most probably the only group on right path of Islam.

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  1. I always include in my prayers: ‘Oh Allah, bless the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at in such a way that even the enemies can see that your blessings are with this Jama’at’. – Comparing the progress of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at with the ‘re-gress’ of Pakistan it would seem obvious to any one with a clean heart where Allah’s blessings are.

  2. How true you are provided Pakistanis see it with clean hearts. It is said “EK NISHAN KAFI HAY GAR DIL MAIN HO KHOFE KIRDGAR” Means Sinlge sign is sufficient provided hearts have fear of Allah.

  3. Dear All beloved ones,Aslamo Alaikum Warehmatullahe Wabarakatahu. I think the time has come to see the victory of truth,faith and loyalty towards Allah (Rabul Izat) and towards the Holy Prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammad (SAW)by practicing real Islam. The Time has proved who is loyal to Pakistan. I think the kinder of Abu Jehal cant see the light of Truth while Allah Tala has said in Holy Quraan that they do have Eyes but the cant see, they do have Ears but cant hear the true voice,they do have Hearts but no Eimaan and Taqwaa in Hearts. So Sumum Bukmun Umiyun fa hum la yerjeon.

    Nasir Rajput

  4. A true and loyal follower of Hadhrat Muhammad (saw) will follow his sunna. He has told never to call a person who recites “Kalma” a kafir. Again Qura kareem tells us that any one who considers himself as Muslim can claim to be a Muslim. Then how can a true and loyal follower of the Prophet (saw) and follower of pious religion Islam behave otherwise. Taqwa is the touchstone and with taqwa opponents of Ahmadyyat should themselves study the Imam of the time; who claims to be the same Massaiha as prophesied by Hadhrat Muhammad (saw). I pray Allah (swt) show the right path to opponents of Ahmadyyat and blind followers of Mullahs.

  5. Thanks to Express Tribune for publishing an article about Pakistani Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Its posting in the Muslim Times has enlightened its readers in all the four corners of the world and the net result/outcome of this posting, can be seen in the contents of the large number of comments and blogs, clearing many wrongs,incorrect ideas and concocted, false far fetched religious views deliberately spread by the selfish, greedy illiterate Mullah with the sole aim to create anti-Ahmadiyya Muslim sect feelings in the mind of innocent, simple hearted ordinary Muslims of Pakistani society. But the Mullah always feels miserably failed in his evil schemings against the divinely created noble community of Hadhrat Aqdus Masih-e-Maud, the Promised Reformer of the right path, SirateMustaqeem, as he was expected to come in this world, at the start of the 14th century of Islamic Hijrah Calendar, and whose ‘Arrival’, ‘Nazool'(discension) was being eagerly awaited by the followers of all religions including Islam and Christianity. Let it be known to all that only the Ahmadiyya sect of Muslims believe that the awaited or expected Reformer or the Mahdi has arrived in the person of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian. But the rest of the believers of Islam/Christianity are still waiting the arrival of the Expected Reformer. This is the only difference between the Ahmadi muslims and the other muslims divided in 72 sects. This ‘difference’ does not entitle the non-believing sects to spread hatred against the believers (Ahmadis) and then dare call them as ‘Kafir’, and start to instigate others to kill Ahmadis, an act which will surely give the killers a place in Heaven in the next world. What a nonsense inhuman cruel thinking due to which many hundred innocent Ahmadi citizens of Pakistan have been put to death since they were constitutionally declared as non-Muslim in 1974. Innalillaheywa….

  6. To start this debate in Pakistani paper Dr. Yunus did what he always do any way I like it. Pakistani who are under influence of this propaganda of lies, fabricatons, foul language and blind rage do not give any chance to an Ahmady to explain his believe. One comment showed a typical mentality saying you are traitor. Mullah does not want any more reformer in this world any more because it will end their dark rule of corruption and selfishness. Pakistan today is living example of this total anarchy. Pamistani mullah and polititions are partner in this game of distruction. You can see any time it is danger to their control or position they all become united on one plateform. One comment says about small differences in other sects, look like he is unaware of mullahs filthy literature against each other. He should see the kalima of shiia group. Molana Ataullah Bukhari even said now we are not gonna believe even God that Mirza Sahib is a true prophet. These mullahs act like small prophets them selves.

  7. “There is one famous Hadith that Muslim Ummah will be divided in 73 or 74 groups.”

    Such hadith were compiled by Muslim Ulama who followed Ahlus-Sunnah wa al-Jama’ah. Most of the information about the Prophet (sallallahu alihi wasallam) were written by Ahlus-Sunnah. The earliest Quranic manuscripts, hadith, fiqh, seerah, arabic grammar, tazkiyya and usool were written by Ahlus Sunnah.

    Qur’an is the fundamental book of Islam, it’s the most important one from the two weighty things(Thaqalayn), and it’s the Ahlesunnah who have preserved it and transmitted it. This is such a great merit of Ahlesunnah. Indeed this is one of the GREATEST SIGN that all the other sects are dependent upon Ahlesunnah in regards to the transmission of Quran and even most of the hadith/seerah.

    These are kind of facts upon which every truth-seeker should ponder.

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