Clinton sealed Obama’s reelection all by himself.

Source: Asiatimes.

NEW YORK – Don’t … stop … thinking about tomorrow. Fleetwood Mac is back. The roaring 1990s are back. Bubba is in da house. The American dream is back with a bang. The nightmare is over.

Or is it?

How can any living politician anywhere in the world even pretend to rival former US president Bill Clinton’s charisma, delivery (with substance) and authority? His Awesomeness gave it all for US President Barack Obama at the Democratic Party convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. He may well have sealed Obama’s reelection all by himself. Professor Bubba managed to sell the most flimsy of all hopes; an unfulfilled promise, transmogrified as Obama as the only possible conduit to that long lost fuzzy happiness of the 1990s.

And all of it based on fiscal rectitude and humanitarian sweep; a balanced budget; higher taxes for the exceedingly wealthy; protection for a battered middle class; profound concern for the plight of the poor and the excluded.

And all of this accomplished via a smack down – a meticulous taking apart and tearing to bits of every single Republican “issue”, in almost excruciating detail.

Compare it to an empty chair last week winning the shootout against an aging Hollywood icon – not to mention a hapless Republican presidential candidate.


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  1. Wonderful to hear Clinton paving the way for Obama’s victory and how the speaker shot to bits and pieces Republic’s dream to capture White House.

  2. It was indeed, Clinton’s best! Republican should start preparing for 2016 and may be leave Romney and Ryan out of it.

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