Ahmadiyya Muslims Highlight Plight of ‘Blasphemy’ Girl

LONDON, September 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

Annual Convention: 7th- 9thSeptember 2012, East Worldham, Alton, Hampshire

A Muslim community has highlighted the plight of persecuted minorities in the wake of a Pakistani Christian girl accused of defaming Islam.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has joined religious and secular groups worldwide that have raised grave concerns over the arrest of Rimsha Masih, accused by her neighbours of burning Islamic religious texts. A Mullah has now been arrested following allegations that he framed the girl by defacing the Holy Quran himself.

The Ahmadiyya Muslims have often highlighted the danger of the blasphemy law which is used by ultra-conservatives and extremists to victimise people unjustly.

“Indeed it is these very extremists who defile Quranic verses by destroying mosques and defiling even gravestones,” said Basharat Nazir from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

“No-one tackles the extremists because of the threat of violence and civil unrest that they can and do unleash.

“We are witness to the countless human rights abuses in Pakistan that threaten the very future of the country – a prospect that we desperately wish to prevent. We will write to MPs and the Pakistan authorities to express our outrage at the way the blasphemy law is manipulated to serve self-interests and target individuals.”

The Ahmadiyya Muslims will hold a 30,000-strong convention this week where the issue of human rights will be discussed.

The convention -the biggest annual gathering of Muslims in the UK- takes place from September 7-9 in Hampshire.

Ahmadiyya Muslims reject violent jihad as a gross misunderstanding and instead view jihad as a moral crusade to improve one’s own faith and goodness. The community built the first London Mosque, and next year will be celebrating 100 years of its establishment in Britain.


This is the 46th Annual Ahmadiyya Muslim Convention to take place in Britain. It will be held over three days (September 7-9, 2012) at a country landsite near Alton, Hampshire, where a temporary village full of marquees is to be setup to host the 30,000 visitors. The key features are:

• Pledging loyalty to Britain
• Raising the Union Jack
• Taking an oath to renounce violence and foster peace
• Key message: Love for All, Hatred for None
• Plans for celebrating 100 years in Britain
• Addresses by worldwide leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community

We are open to interviews, filming and photography before and during the convention. To obtain a press pass for the convention, email or telephone Dr Basharat Nazir, Press Secretary.

Ahmadiyya Muslim branch offices in all major towns and cities of Britain are also available for direct media contact.

Basharat Nazir media@ahmadiyya.org.uk Tel +44(0)7703-483-384
Mahmood Rafiq Tel +44(0)7971-060-962

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