Sectarian killings might break Pakistan: Altaf Hussain


MQM chief addresses a conference organised to promote harmony between different sects of Islam. PHOTO: FILE

KARACHI: Expressing serious concerns over the ongoing sectarian violence in the country, Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM’s) chief Altaf Hussain said on Saturday that the trend might break Pakistan.

“If people are not provided protection, Pakistan will break into pieces. Christian, Barelvis, and Shias’ will demand a separate state for themselves,” warned Altaf.

Addressing a conference organised to promote harmony between different sects of Islam, Hussain urged religious scholars to take practical steps to end the ongoing sectarian strife in the country.

He criticised political leadership for their lack of interest in providing protection to people, saying that they were friends of brutality.


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  1. Like other Pakistani political leaders, you also talk and talk though bit loudly and boldly. But remain informed that time of talking since long has lapsed. Due to such brutal killings you identified the end result of country very rightly. However once in year 2010 when Ahamdies were murdered in mass, you took a bold stance but on receiving threat from extremist Mullahs you immediately withdrew your statements. Might be for Shias you also do the same. If at all you seem to be sincere with the cause of restoration of human rights in Pakistan then take some strict instance rather than uttering mere words. In the past MQM has been departing away with Government to exercise pressure. Why can not you do it now if MQM really gives some weight to this aspect.

  2. This post makes me realise that with the passage of time, the problems of the knotty politics of Pakistan are getting from worse to worst
    and there are none of politicians who does his job to offer solutions to these issues. In such political wilderness and anarchic situation, it is the lone voice of MQM chief, Mr. Altaf Hussain from London which tries to reason out the rationale of the national issues with guideline solutions. In the preset confused situation, the only voice of reason which arouses a ray of hope in the mind and heart of people, it is the voice from London which attracts most. Let this London voice join the genuine demand for the restoration of the original joint electorate system under which the 1970 ( the first ever)general election were held in Pakistan.

  3. MQM is sitting as a coaltion partner in the present set up. All the blood spilled in these years of “democratic” rule is on all the coalition partners and the opposition. That include the religiou ullema and the religiou parties.

    I am sure Altaf Hussain, leader of MQM will agree with me. His statements have to be followed by action.

    Munir Varraich

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