‘Somali students recruited in Pakistan for The Hague terror attack’

A Pakistan newspaper is claiming terror organisation Al-Qaeda recruited two young Somali students in Karachi to carry out a terrorist attack on The Hague.

Independent paper The Friday Times made the claims this week saying the two men ‘were to be sent to The Hague to carry out a 26/11 type attack,’ a source told the paper. That string of coordinated bombings and shootings across Mumbai in 2008 killed over 160 people and injured over 300.

The two men intended to travel to Europe as Christians – one as David Azubuike, 21, with a Spanish passport and the other as Jonathan Boipelo (no details) – on stolen passports, The Friday Times said, quoting sources.


The Telegraaf claims the Dutch security service AIVD set up a special taskforce to combat the terror threat. The Telegraaf said the Somalis had Dutch nationality.

The AIVD refused to answer the Telegraaf’s questions.

‘We take all these threats very seriously,’ the Netherlands embassy in Karachi told The Friday Times. ‘We are working closely with our Pakistani counterparts to eliminate such threats.’


The Netherlands has never been hit by a terrorist attack although several suspect terror groups have been rounded up and jailed.

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